Statewide condominium sales increased, rising more than 8% to 1,493. A total of 4,546 condo sale transactions were recorded in the first four months of the year, a 2.4% jump from 4,439 the prior year. Overall housing sales are down slightly for the fourth straight month. The condo segment took the lead showing that, once again that the market improves from the greater Boston epicenter and ripples out as the market improves. All be it ever so tentative due to the lack of inventory.
Cambridge Condo Trends 6-2014
Cambridge Cono Sales Chart May 2014
In Cambridge, 78% of May condo sales went over-ask and seven sold for at least $100,000 over-ask. Two Cambridge condos went more than $200,000 over-ask. The residents of Cambridge, who so often become leaders in academia, medicine and business, can now consider themselves, over-ask leaders as well. Source: Bates By The Numbers - Read more....