Did you notice the leaves beginning to fall?  Yes, the season is changing and with that buying and selling strategies change.   Often sellers look around and think OMG, it's going to be Thanksgiving and Christmas soon and who would buy?  Yes those are hectic times but buying a home in time to move in for the holidays is probably most peoples' goals.  Yet sellers get nervous thus the timing advantage might swing to the buyer.  Sellers don't want to heat empty homes but in New England that's a must.  Sellers don't want to shovel a driveway amd walk, yet in New England that's a must.  I've taken buyers to see a house that hadn't been shoveled out, and it's a turn off to buyers.  They often see it as not taking care of the property now might signal that they sellers haven't been rsponsible owners throughout the home's hsitory.

So buyers, the Fall season should signal opportunity for you.  Prices might be softer, inventory might be on longer leaving some room for negotiation, and the spring buyers have bought so you there might be little competition.  Buyer competition drives up prices, so with less buyers you might see less pressure.  My suggestion is if you are serious about buying, grab a sweater and starting looking.  Opportunity doesn't knock, you must answer.